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Infoserwis is an IT services company located in Wroclaw, Poland. Our team serves businesses in all sectors of local industry, offering computer systems support for all major platforms and offers web site and web application development, e-commerce, and digital graphic design services. Our down-to-earth, yet professional attitude, fits the needs of the majority of business and home users. Emergency repair express service is available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services:    +48 71 792 00 58    +48 501 434 734


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callout services

We provide total support for small businesses and home users. Whether you need a repair, upgrade, tutoring, backup, reformat etc, Infoserwis is here to lend you a hand.

Key benefits of our service include:
  • Repair prices from only 50 PLN, including callout charge
  • No charges for unsolved problems
  • Most makes repaired and upgraded including older PC's
  • Most computers repaired on the spot in your office or home
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Communication in plain English
If you live in or around the Greater Wroclaw area and your computer breaks down, needs upgrading or just needs a good service why not call us on or email us.


We specialize in web page design for small businesses that want a professional, high-quality web presence without spending unreasonable loads of money. Our web page designs are viewer-friendly and search-engine-friendly. We create websites that follow careful design and programming guidelines so that they perform well in the search engines. Our website designs have a visual impact while maintaining quick loading speeds and intuitiveness.

We support our clients with advice on how to successfully market their Internet-related businesses. The truth is that simply having a website does not guarantee instant Internet success, any more than having a business card makes a business successful. There are a variety of ways to maximize a web site's popularity and we offer our knowledge to accomplish that goal.

translation services

We provide professional translation from English to Polish and/or Russian, all at reasonable prices. We work only in our given fields of specialization and have the necessary applications, knowledge, and skills to handle your project from start to finish.

Infoserwis offers everything you need for localizing and updating your Internet services, product documentation (including press releases), and manuals to Polish. We also provide on-site translation help for seminars, and tutoring of your specialists while in Poland.
If you are interested in providing the media with localized releases and product announcements, we are ready to do so on your behalf. For this service to be complete, we may provide you with a detailed press output analysis of your choice, including reports and scanned articles.

Unlike local resellers or distributors that may no longer be your partners, we offer long-term agreements. And once the work is done, you are the sole owner of the output content.